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Building Self Esteem in Kids: How Acting Classes Can Help

Building Self Esteem in Kids: How Acting Classes Can Help YATCIf your child tends to be shy in social situations, you may be worried about how he will make a name for himself in a world that is focused on the most vocal people. While being shy is a perfectly acceptable character trait, encouraging your child to try something new that challenges him to go outside of his comfort zone can build confidence. Whether your child has an interest in show business or not, theater training can give your child the confidence that he needs to succeed. Here are some ways that acting classes can benefit your shy child.


Fostering Creativity and Personal Imagination


Acting classes often give your child the freedom that he needs to express himself in a safe environment. Children who are enrolled in acting classes may be given the opportunity to create their own story that they will act out in order to bring life to it. While your child may be shy in a normal social setting, he may thrive when given the opportunity to show his creative side.


Giving Children a Reason to Be Proud


Have you ever noticed how proud your child is when bringing home a piece of art from school? Acting is an art, and children who are involved in acting classes tend to take pride in their ability to perform. Children who thrive in acting classes are able to feel proud of their accomplishment, and this pride leads to greater confidence in other aspects of life.


Transferable Skills


While you may not think of the skills that your child learns in acting classes to be ones that he can use in the real world, the fact is that many of these skills are transferable. For example, children who are taught how to improvise while taking acting classes are honing their critical thinking skills and learning how to perform their best when they are under pressure.


Improved Academic Performance


Studies show that children who are enrolled in acting classes do better in school. Researchers believe that the correlation has to do with children learning how to listen, comprehend and utilize social skills when they are in acting classes. As with transferable life skills, there are transferable academic skills that can be learned in an acting class.

Acting classes provide a wide range of benefits that can help your child thrive in life by giving them confidence in both social situations and the classroom and everything in between.

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  1. Do you have financial aid or a program that isn’t a camp but a class ?
    Thank you ,
    Betty (650)681-7926
    Ps — if a parent volunteers their time for the session is there a price reduction ?

  2. My daughter has been wanting to take acting classes since she found out her friend is in one. I like that with these classes they are able to become more confident and deal with being under pressure better, which is something you mentioned. I’m sure she will enjoy the classes and I’m excited to see what skills she will gain from them.

  3. I love the fact that acting classes can help my kids’ self confidence. My son doesn’t have a lot of pride in things he does, so I think he should try this. Like you said, hopefully acting would be something that he is proud of.

  4. It sure is nice to know that acting classes can help children develop confidence. My youngest enjoys dancing around and singing to his favorite Disney movies. I’m really considering if enrolling him in art classes may be worth a shot; knowing how much life skills he can get from those. I’ll be sure to share this article with my wife so we can consider enrolling him in a really good theater for the summer.

  5. My son is thinking about auditioning for a play and he wants to practice and be prepared, so I am thinking about signing him up for an acting class. I am glad that I found this article because I did not know there were so many benefits like the fact that these classes will allow my son to be more creative and expand his imagination. Also, I think that an acting class would be a great way for my son to gain more confidence and feel proud of the accomplishment of finishing the class.

  6. My kid has always been shy. I think I’ll take her to some acting classes so that she can get transferable skills that she can use to make friends. Thanks for mentioning that it will also give her a reason to be proud so that she’ll have more confidence in herself.

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