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Enriching Activities for Teens

Theatre Camps and Workshops at Camp YATCIf you have a teen who is rich in personality or talent, send them to Young Actors’ Theatre Camp! Camp YATC instructors teach youth acting, directing, singing, and dancing! Topics covered include how to audition for a monologue, how to land a singing role by impressing judges with a professional audition and a class about dancing. Workshops run for a full day, beginning at 9:00 a.m. and ending at 4:30 p.m. The day includes a lunch break and a question and answer session with professionals who work in the business.  The tuition fee is $199.00.

Your Kids Need Enriching Activities

Besides the opportunity to learn all about acting, directing, singing and composing music from top professionals in the business, your kids will get to make new friends. Some of these friendships could last a lifetime. Studies show that enriching activities for teens have so many benefits. Since every possible subject is not taught in school, an extracurricular activity helps your teenagers focus on an interesting topic that ignites their brain cells.

Help Your Kids Achieve Excellent Grades and Gain More Confidence

When your teens participate in enriching activities during spring break, they gain new confidence and self-esteem in their innate abilities. Your kids learn about natural gifts and how they can display them to the world. Whether the activity is joining a sports team, studying a foreign language or learning how to act, the benefits include better socializing skills and higher grades in school. If your kids feel stressed out during spring break because they do not have anything exciting planned, now is the time to sign them up for the Camp YATC Spring Weekend Workshop.

Your Teens Need to Experience Activities in the Real World

With so much emphasis on social networking via laptops, tablets and smartphones, many teens lack friendships within their community.  An enriching activity during spring break can give your teens new perspectives about online acquaintances versus real friends with common interests. Learn more about Camp YATC now.

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