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It’s that time of year where everyone jumps into their cars and braves the rushes of the mall to find “the perfect gift”! Note to self: It doesn’t exist.

Our advice here at The Young Actors’ Theatre Camp – Give your loved one a special homemade treat OR an Experience! Let us explain…

The gifts that people remember the most are those with a very thoughtful gesture. Whether it’s taking time to make homemade cookies or planning a special friend date – the most remembered gifts are those with love and joy put behind them.

I don’t remember who bought me which gift card, but I do remember the delicious Hot Cocoa in a jar that my bestie gave me with a “Date at the Movies” coupon attached! We laughed, we caught up, we drank amazing cocoa and watched one of our favorite old movies while sitting on his comfy couch in our PJs! It was literally a perfect moment that I will always remember.

Here are a few suggestions:

1) A batch of your grandmother’s famous Double Chocolate Chip Cookies with the recipe attached, so the recipe can easily be recreated throughout the season.

2) A popcorn bucket with a few little packets of candy, a couple of sodas and a Coupon for a Movie Night at your place! (To make it extra special – Put an Actual Date on it, so that the receiver knows that the date is set in stone and has something to look forward to!)

3) If you can find a few fun face masks and maybe some inexpensive slippers – wrap it all up with a coupon for a Spa PJ Party! This is a great group gift too!

4) Here are some more ideas for HomeMade Gifts:

And might we also suggest (for Parents and Grandparents) that The Young Actors’ Theatre Camp has many gifts available including T Shirts, Sweatshirts, Necklaces, Bows, and OF COURSE – the Actual Camp! Imagine your Camper unwrapping the surprise that THEY ARE GOING TO CAMP this Holiday Season. Check out our CYBER MONDAY DEALS at and start planning the surprise now!

Happy Holidays to you All!

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