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The Young Actors’ Theatre Camp has had a miracle this week – A wonderful gift from our dear friends at Camp Mt. Cross, where we hold our 3rd and 4th Sessions of the Summer each year!

As of last week, Session 2 – our MOST popular Session each summer SOLD OUT! And we had a lot of sad phone calls from parents and campers pleading with us to get them in. Unfortunately, there is simply nothing that could be done. With a handful of spots in Session One and Session Four (Session Three had sold out last month in January!), we informed people to grab the spot that they could and we would try our darndest to figure something out!

Well, we put it out into the Universe that we needed some help and Camp Mt. Cross came through for us!

Camp Mt. Cross is going to house a large portion of our Senior Staff (Teachers and Administrators) so that the two cabins at Camp MayMac that they normally would be housed in will be OPEN FOR STUDENTS!

So…we are happy to announce that as of today, we have exactly 9 spots that have just opened up for REGISTRATION for SESSION TWO at Camp MayMac, July 18-27.


Other Summer Availability is ALSO going FAST, so today is the day to firm up those summer plans and REGISTER for the YOUNG ACTORS’ THEATRE CAMP!

Session One: July 8-17 has 19 SPOTS LEFT (And then we are TOTALLY SOLD OUT!)

Session Two: July 18-27 has 9 SPOTS LEFT (And then that’s all she wrote!)

Session Awesome: July 8-27 has 4 SPOTS LEFT!

Session Three: July 29 – August 4 is SOLD OUT! Call to join the Wailist!

Sessoin Four: July 29 – August 7 has 23 SPOTS LEFT!

Call (925)858-3548 with Questions and Register ASAP at to insure that your camper has the absolute best time EVER this Summer!

The Young Actors’ Theatre Camp is a Multi Award Winning Overnight Theatre Camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Kids of all levels, ages 8-18 from all over the world come to Santa Cruz each summer to learn all about the Performing Arts from some of the biggest stars of TV, Film and Stage! Register today and give your camper a summer they will never forget!

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