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Hi CampYATC!

We want to dedicate this week to being Thankful and we’re encouraging each of you to share your gratitude on Facebook and Instagram! Specifically, we’d like to know WHO you are THANKFUL for!

Nominate someone on Facebook or Instragram by telling us a bit about them and why you are so grateful that they are in your life! Include a pic and make sure you tag @CampYATC!


We will pick 3 Winners to Receive a “Take Your Broken Heart, Turn it Into Art” Camp T Shirt! That’s right – you can win this amazing t shirt for a loved one and tell them how special they are at the same time.

Make sure and tag @CampYATC in your post, hashtag #Thankful and #CampYATC and post it by Thanksgiving at midnight!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We love you!

The Young Actors’ Theatre Camp

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