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Pre-Purchase: Headshot Discs will no longer be available for purchase after camp. Instead we ask that students and parents pre-order them ~ and students will leave camp with a photo disc! All photo discs are $60.

Parents, if paying by check, send it with your student on the first day of camp and please make the check payable to “YATC.” We use this program as a Fundraiser for our Scholarship Fund and every student gets a great headshot at an EXTREMELY discounted price.

What Kids Need to Bring for the Photo Shoot:

Bring 3 or 4 “looks” — Different styles of clothes that you dress in everyday, things that your friends and family tell you, “Hey, you look good!” No Logos or patterns: no plaids or stripes, nothing too “busy” ~ Think solid colors that bring out your eyes. Girls, bring your makeup and hair styling stuff, but not too much makeup. We want you to still look like the gorgeous “kid” you are!

We are excited to offer our students this amazing headshot photo shoot with one of the Bay Area’s most sought after photographers! Bridget is looking forward to giving every student a head shot that will allow you to put your best face forward when you go into any audition.

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