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What Parents and Students are saying about the Young Actors’ Theatre Camp:


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I just want you to know (my daughters) just love everything about YATC. They’re counting down the days until winter camp. They even turned down a cruise to Hawaii to attend the camp over Christmas vacation!!! – Carrie Proudfoot, Parent

“I want to thank you [Shawn and John] for a fabulous camp experience, AGAIN!!! Taylor’s said it was the best yet. They just keep getting better… and I didn’t know that was possible! Your staff is amazing. Every single one of you!!! Thank you for igniting a spark in my son’s heart, mind, and soul, for showing him the pure joy of acting, singing, and performing, and most simply for encouraging him to enjoy being the young person that HE is. I can’t think of a more wonderful way of influencing a young persons life. What an admirable thing to do.” – Kristi Ybarra, Parent of 4 Session Camper

“This Camp CHANGED my LIFE!” – M.J. Flott, 3 Session Camper

“I just wanted to say thank you for making camp the best week of my life! I had the best time. I know it must have been really hard to put it all together, and it must have been really long hours putting together all of the details, but I’m really glad you did. I took so much away from it, and hopefully, I can bring a little of camp into my other home, here. Thank you! I miss camp so much, but I know everything will be okay… I am already signed up for summer!” -Ellie R., 4 session camper

“Young Actors Theater Camp is the best camp that I have attended!! They give you a professional environment to meet real industry professionals, learn and excel in your craft. It is because of this exposure, guidance and training that I was able to be signed on with my agency. YATC is fun and encouraging, and it’s the best place to be. See you at camp!!” – Chelsea, Craig & Cheryl Makela, 6 session Camper

“I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for the wonderful week at camp for [my son]. He had such a great time and he sang the whole car ride home, loud [and] with confidence! He has never shown any confidence with singing and finally I think he is realizing he can sing and that it is fun!” -Jennifer Baldwin, Parent of 4 session camper

“Ella says this was the best so far and Yelda is as usual elated by the whole experience. We are all very gratefull for the joy and great experience the YATC camp provides. Many many many thanks!” – Kamer & Ilhan, 3 daughters, 4 session campers

“Of course, as their parents, we think Anthony and Hailey are talented and wonderful. It is truly encouraging to know that others think so as well! They both had a great time at camp and came home with lots of stories, new friends, a lot more knowledge about acting and most importantly amazing memories of such a wonderful experience. Kudos to you and your staff for doing such a great job with all of the kids!” – Christine Knott, Parent of 2 session campers

“The camp was fabulous as usual, actually I think it was even more fabulous than usual, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO PROUD of what you two have created……..the atmosphere at the camp with all the different types and ages of kids should not work in normal circumstances, but you have managed to make the environment so accepting that they all seem to get along and support each other. It warms my heart every year. We love you guys.” – Maureen Shevlin, Master Class Instructor

“Thank you for giving Max such a wonderful experience through your camp. He feels that you are part of his new family and it means the world to us.” – Janine Hunt, Parent of 2 session camper

“I first want to say thank you for inviting me to come to camp! It was truly an amazing experience, and I feel like I saw so much and learned so much in the short time that I was there. As soon as I got out of the car, I wanted to stay for the entire camp! If time ever allows, I would LOVE to be a counselor, or just some type of something. 🙂 I am so proud of you guys – I am literally crying as I write this. You guys are so wonderful and just seeing all of those kids and how much love they feel, and acceptance. It is truly a warm, safe place where they can be themselves and truly express who they are. I saw gay kids, straight kids, slow kids, ants in their pants kids, silly kids, serious kids and they were all AMAZING! I fell in love with every single one of them!! I can’t stop talking about it with all of my friends today… I just love seeing all the kids. I could go on and on – I am just really really really proud of both of you and for this phenomenal environment that you have created for these kids to learn and play and accept and just be real! You guys ROCK! Can’t wait to come to camp again soon! I miss it already!” – Bridget Homer, Kisses of Sunshine Photography, Camp Photographer

Here’s a letter received from parents who sent both of their kids to YATC for 5 sessions:

“A a few years back when [our daughter] went into junior high, it was a very rough time. She… felt she didn’t fit in. My bright loving girl, was being beaten down, and becoming quite depressed. By November I was really starting to panic. It is hard to express really, seeing that special spark in your child begin to dim.

I remembered what an effect your loving and accepting environment had on [our son] and I convinced her almost against her will to go with him to her first YATC winter camp. She came back with her self image and joy restored. Happy to be herself. Her spark was burning brighter than ever and has never dimmed.

In May the high school held auditions for the fall advanced drama and advanced choir. In coming freshman audition are rarely accepted. But she boldly wanted to try out. I had never really seen her act before, since she had never done a play or anything but your camp. So I worked with her on her audition monologue. I was amazed at how prepared she was. She was making bold choices, committing, visualizing… doing a hundred things that she had learned at YATC. I thought I would tell her about the audition process… well I was floored by the fact that she knew all about it. How to behave, how to dress, what the auditor was looking for. Amazing!

She did great in her auditions! I got fabulous feedback from the drama director and the choir director.

From the choir director:

“I was very glad to see your message that [your daughter] has decided to enroll in Advanced Choir. I must tell you that her audition was very impressive – with respect to her voice, her performing abilities, and her overall poise. I think she will fit in very well with the class, and become a great asset to the Choir.”

From the drama director:

“[Your Daughter] made my Advanced Drama class. She had a fine audition and is a very talented young woman (but, you knew that!)”

And a couple weeks later I got this email for the drama director:

“I spoke to [the choir director] and he agrees with me that she would be a perfect fit for the part of Oliver. I am sure she wouldn’t mind playing a boy and her poise, voice and acting abilities would fit the part perfectly.”

Her performance in Oliver was a great success, and watching her rehearse and perform has been some of the proudest moments of my life. It has been such an excellent experience for her. Throughout it she would comment how prepared she felt due to the instruction and experience she received at YATC.

So we have a great deal to be grateful to the two of you for. Thank you very much!” – James and Ronda Miyake

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