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Top-Rated Performing Arts Overnight Camp for 2019

Top-Rated Performing Arts Overnight Camp for 2019

Gearing up for your first acting lesson?Are you looking for a performing arts overnight camp for 2019? This summer, give your child the opportunity to experience the top performing arts in a collaborative group environment of his or her peers. Here at Young Actor’s Theatre Camp (YATC), we provide aspiring performing artists with a fun and creative overnight sleep-away environment where they can hone their skills in preparation for fulfilling acting careers. 

2019 Performing Arts Classes We Offer at YATC 

Our curriculum at YATC covers every aspect of the performing arts, and we provide our campers with opportunities to refine their studies with the assistance of private coaches. While our classes change from year to year, we always offer campers with opportunities to experience the following aspects of the life of a successful performing artist: 

Scene Study

In-the-moment critique helps young actors and actresses grow. In our Scene Study classes, we empower students to give each other feedback on their performances in brief dramatic scenes. 


The monologue is a key aspect of a complete stage performance. Every young actor or actress should be educated in what makes for a good monologue and how to deliver these acting solos like professionals. 

Musical Theatre Dance

Musicals require an entirely different type of engagement, and our Musical Theatre Dance class prepares students for the physically demanding process of performing one of these plays. 

Musical Theatre Voice

Being able to belt it out on stage is an integral aspect of performance in a musical, and we provide our students with in-depth training and critique sessions to bring out each of their individual voices. 

On-Camera Technique

Everything changes when that little red light comes on. In our On-Camera Technique class, we prepare our campers for the unique experience of being filmed. 

Costumes and Stage Makeup

No stage performance is complete without beautiful costumes and makeup, and we provide our campers with the tools they need to put forth aesthetically pleasing performances. 


Every actor is a good director too. Learning about directing helps aspiring actors and actresses take direction, and it prepares them to take the helm one day. 

Movement for Actors

Acting is like swordplay; footwork is key! We provide young performers with tips on how to move on stage with our Movement for Actors class. 


Young performers need to understand how stories become scripts, and we break it all down in our Screenwriting class. 


A stage performance isn’t the same without inspired songwriting, and we cover all the basics in this comprehensive class. 

Film Editing

The key to making a watchable film is learning how to pick what stays and what goes, and your child’s career as an editor begins in our Film Editing class. 


In our Dreamboards class, we encourage young performers to visualize their hopes and dreams. 

Empowering the Actor

Acting is all about finding the courage within yourself to give it everything you’ve got on-stage. Our Empowering the Actor course encourages students to find sources of creative power within themselves. 

Casting Workshops

Casting is one of the most overwhelming aspects of acting. Help your child prepare for the stresses of finding a job with our casting workshop sessions. 

The Business of Show Business

We boil everything down to brass tacks in this class to help young performers achieve financial success. 

Comedy & Improv

Scripts are one thing, but the ability to improvise is the hallmark of a great performer. 


Young performers learn all about flying over the stage and taking calculated falls in this class. 

Stage Combat

Learning how to throw punches without getting hurt is an art! 

Benefits of Sleep-Away Camps

Sleep-away camps can provide a young person with a completely different context for learning than he or she has back home. Being immersed in a collaborative environment with peers helps aspiring performers get their dreams into focus, and this experience can build bonds that last lifetimes. 

A career in the performing arts will encourage your young performer to leave home and enter a new community, and it’s best to simulate this huge step before it actually occurs. Alongside the social experience of going to camp, your child will also have the chance to experience personal growth; like it or not, the time when he or she will pursue his or her dreams in the real world is fast approaching, and our rigorous yet relaxed curriculum at YATC can help provide focus and direction. 

Register for YATC’s 2019 Overnight Camp Today

top-rated performing arts overnight campLife experience is the greatest gift that you can give your child, and there’s no better way to prepare for a career in the performing arts than mixing work with fun. At YATC 2019, your child will gain skills and forge friendships that will propel him or her through a rewarding career, and at the same time, he or she will experience a time away from home that has the capacity to provide a total restructuring of perspective and direction. 

The summer is fast approaching, and it’s time to start making plans for how your child will use his or her free time in 2019. Registration for YATC’s summer overnight courses began January 16th, so act now to secure your child’s starring role in one of his or her most formative and memorable experiences.

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