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home-image-camp-yatcFounded in 2001, we are proud to say that we have created a program unlike any other at YATC. We have had thousands of students come through our doors who have gone on to attend top performing arts schools and work in TV, film, and even Broadway!

When we first started out in drama class, we were both instantly bit by the performing bug. We know that this profession was our true calling, but our parents didn’t know where to turn to or who to call.

How does one get a leg up in the professional world when they have no professional experience?

YATC is part of the answer. We can’t promise to turn your child into a star, but we are going to teach them the ins and outs of showbiz from working actors, singers, dancers, directors, choreographers, and professionals from all areas of the arts.

In the beginning, we used to think that it would sound cliche to share the truth of YATC. Now, we scream it from the rooftops:

“YATC is the best place in the country for students of all levels
to explore the performing arts and make friendships that last a lifetime!”

Imagine a world where students break into “Defying Gravity” during lunch, star in their own short film which is shown at the film festival, learn how to write a hit song from the Academy Award-winning songwriters of Frozen, learn how to act for the camera from a major TV star, and meet kids with the same amount of passion for the arts as they have! YATC will change your life, forever!


Developed by our team of amazing instructors, our multi-award winning programs focus on discovering and developing each individual student’s talents in ALL the areas of the performing arts.

Our classes are all taught by working actors, singers, directors, dancers casting directors, agents, manager, and producers who bring their current experiences and inspirations directly to the classroom. There is nothing quite like learning ‘how to sell a song’ from Sutton Foster or learning the ‘Safety Dance’ from Glee’s Heather Morris or learning ‘how to write great lyrics’ from Darren Criss while he serenades you. All of our programs are designed with each camper in mind regardless of age or experience level. From our intensive 1-day workshops to our Overnight Camps, we are sure that you will find YATC the perfect match for your goals!


Whether learning how to write a hit song from Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez (the Academy Award-winning composers of Frozen) or that “persistence is the key” from the musical director of American Idol, Michael Orland, at YATC you will be learning from THE BEST!

We only bring teachers who are passionate about the craft of performing and who are dedicated to helping your student find their path.


All of our counselors have been with us for a minimum of 3 years, but many have been with us six, seven and even eight years! This is a family run business and that includes our staff!

All of our staff have undergone in depth training in leadership, team building, CPR/first aid, conflict resolution, and have also passed State and Federal background checks.

Our staff is family from the beginning, spending weekends and holidays together – we trust our crew implicitly. Led by their counselors, your student and their cabin mates create Drama Tribes of 12, forging bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Bring Camp YATC To Your School!

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