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Acting Classes


Students will be asked to come in with a memorized monologue and we will be working in tutorial based setting. We will work with moment to moment work in this class and how to bring the individual to the experience. This work will also help distinguish the difference between film and theater in the moment to moment work. You can find our suggested monologues for your age range on!


Classical Theater with Jeanette

Demystify the complexity of understanding and performing Shakespeare’s works. There is no definitive guide on how to act Shakespeare, and the complexity and intricacy of the text can sometimes scare young actors away. This class will help break down the language and show the beautiful poetry of Shakespeare’s texts. The latter half of the class will focus on performing Shakespeare’s works.


Amir's Guide To College Acting Programs

This workshop will  help students get more information on what conservatory training consists of and how the audition process would be to get into one of the top acting schools. Conservatory programs well work for many artists but not all so come find out if a conservatory program will be best for you. 


The Auditioner's Gym with Ben

Have a song or a monologue you love use for auditions or have material you want to try out?  In this class we will work and dissect your piece, trying out different tactics and exploring possible choices. Just come with a memorized monologue or cut of a song and receive positive feedback from your peers.


Acting Accents with Emma

Want to learn how to speak in a refined British accent? Come expand your dialect

range and learn how dialects work! We’ll practice Received Pronunciation and talk

about characteristics of accents and the anatomy of dialects. Cheers!


Acting For Film with Amir

Auditions can be nerve-wracking, especially when they’re on-camera!  Amir and Anna have vast amounts of  knowledge of being a working film/tv/commercial actor for the several years . This class can teach you how to do a self-tape or how to work in front of a camera with doing a scene. We’ll discuss audition prep and what to do once you’re in the room to put your best foot forward and get the most out of your sides.


Stylized Acting Through Script Analysis with Logan

Seeing your favorite actor transform into a southern belle is always a delight, but it’s more than just wigs, makeup, and a little twang that convince audiences they are who they say they are. In this class we’ll play around with diverse styles of theater and television, be it Southern Classics, British Satire, and even absurdism through Samuel Beckett. We’ll take a deep dive into what makes these scripts so juicy, and how our characters can be both honest and interesting through  script analysis and in-the-moment scene work.


Vocal Power For The Actor with Christian

Your biggest and most powerful tool as an actor is your voice! This class will teach you how to find and support your natural speaking voice, help you drop into and ground your body, and warm up for auditions and performances. You will learn the mechanics of your voice, how to maximize your breath, ground yourself, resonate, articulate, and most importantly, own your power as an actor! Please note that this is not a singing class, but these exercises and techniques are absolutely applicable to singing as well! 

Acting Classes

Musical Theatre Classes

Musical Theatre Classes

Musical Theater Voice: Bring On The Monsters with Natalie

We’re making a montage video to The Lightning Thief’s fabulously thematic “Bring on the Monsters.” Each cast member gets to tell a little piece of this song’s story in the video! If you’re interested: learn the song, pick a solo, brush up your skills for approaching it in musical theatre class, and submit your audition to us! While we want to hear everyone’s voices and spread as much YATC love as we can with this video, we have the capacity for about 15 cast members. If you wish to participate, you must be able to record and send YATC both audio of yourself singing AND a video of yourself singing. This will be taught in three parts.


32 Bars To Land The Role with Shawn

WE know you can sing, you know you can sing, this workshop with Master Coach Shawn Ryan will allow you to take 32 Bars of Musical Theatre and turn it into a fabulously honed opening night performance! For this class you will need: 32 Bars of a Musical Theater Song, either up-tempo or ballad with a track, lyrics and sheet music. For song suggestions please visit our website under “Student Resources”. 


Acting the Song with Matt

Students will be participating in a workshop style acting the song class with myself using the tools I have learned both from my training at YATC and my first year at USC. Students will need a 32-bar or 2:00 minute cut of a musical theatre song - any style acceptable. NOT ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE!! Students will present their song and I will give feedback and we will dive deep into really making the song their own.


Collaborative Songwriting with Kit

In Collaborative Songwriting, you and your peers get to decide the song’s (or songs’) genre, theme, perspective, subject matter, different rifts or tunes, and anything else that goes into song writing! Whether it be a pop duet between a snake and ladybug or a hard rock anthem about fluffy clouds and leather jackets, the story we make is up to you! Join your senior songwriter, Kit and learn different songwriting strategies as we write the song of your wildest dreams!


Dance Classes

Dance Classes

Musical Theatre Dance with Emmy

Musical Theater dance is a theatrical dance style that includes dancing and acting to songs from Broadway musicals.  Students will learn basics of acting, character development while dancing, and using movement to tell a story. No experience necessary. Wear form-fitting clothes you can move and character heels / sneakers.


Tap Dance with Emmy

Tap is a form of dance by using the shoe, as well as the floor, as a percussive instrument. Students learn tap-rhythms, sounds, and combinations. Students will demonstrate the ability to build speed while keeping the clarity of their taps clean. Students will learn original choreography with complicated rhythms, making this a fun and challenging class. No experience necessary- options will be given. Wear clothes you can move in and tap shoes or sneakers with a hard sole.


Hip Hop Dance with Emmy

Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip hop music which has evolved as part of hip hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles primarily breaking, locking, and popping which were created in the 1970s and made popular by dance crews in the United States. Students will begin learning hip hop fundamentals. Hip hop moves are broken down for dancers. Then, students' knowledge of hip hop fundamentals will be expanded upon by explaining and demonstrating various techniques and methods. Original choreography will be taught, allowing students to discover their own hip hop style in a stress-free and fun environment, encouraging confidence building, independent creativity, and teamwork. Wear clothes you can move in and sneakers. No experience necessary


Dance Doodles with Emmy and Jordan

Dance improvisation is the process of spontaneously creating movement. Development of improvised movement material is facilitated through a variety of creative explorations including body mapping through levels, shape and dynamics schema. The teacher is not telling you exactly what to do, but the students come up with it on their own. No experience necessary. Wear clothes you can move in.


Creator Studio: Dance with Emmy

Creator Studio: Dance is our Dance for Camera collaborative project. As a group, you will complete a collaborative virtual dance presentation in the form of a music video. Class each week will be mandatory for those who commit. These classes are intended to create an exceptional piece of art we are all proud of. This takes commitment, hard work, and dedication. This class’s final product is a video production, and you’ll get the most out of this class if you participate in it all six weeks. Feel free to join us later in the program, and we’ll add you in where we can.

If you have interest in behind the camera work, we’d be happy to have you on the team. Please email us with your interest to make a commitment to Creator Studio: Dance.


Dance Fundamentals with Emmy

Dancers will learn the fundamentals of dance: from basic steps, to how to pick up choreography, to developing greater flexibility and range of motion, to dance class etiquette. Dancers will feel more comfortable and confident in the dance class environment, knowing what to expect and how to navigate themselves in class. No experience necessary. Wear tight, form-fitting clothes. Jazz shoes or socks.


Ballet 1 with Emmy

Dancers will move through the rudimentary structure of a standard ballet class, including barre, center, adagio, allegro, and reverence practice, while further expanding their knowledge of movement and terminology. Students are introduced to basic ballet technique, including turn-out and posture, while building confidence and learning elementary performance skills. No experience necessary. If you have them, please wear tights & a leotard. If not, please wear tight, form-fitting clothes. Flat ballet shoes or socks.


Ballet 2 with Emmy

Dancers who already have a thorough knowledge of elementary ballet start to establish a strong technical foundation and begin to explore more advanced movement and concepts. Proper technique is taught through a full ballet class, but emphasis is also placed on musicality, projection and performance quality, and artistic expression. If you have them, please wear tights & a leotard. If not, please wear tight, form-fitting clothes. Flat ballet shoes. Pre-approval required.*


Jazz Technique with Emmy

This class focuses on building dancers’ jazz technique. Class format consists of a warm-up to enhance core strengthening, balance, and extensions through isolations, rhythmic exercises, and floor stretches. Students study jazz technique and learn complex across the floor patterns. Wear tight, form-fitting clothes. Jazz shoes or socks. Pre-approval required.*

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 12.06.04

Jazz I & Jazz II with Emmy

Jazz is a very fun, high energy and stylized form of dance.  In this class, dancers will learn the basic movement, kicks, leaps, and turns that have been derived through the many years of the development of jazz.  Dancers will also tap into their sassy side and be encouraged to use their funky attitudes from within.  While finding themselves engulfed in the fast paced movement of jazz, students are encouraged and taught to hold and move through their core ballet technique.  Stretching and strengthening are a big part of the jazz class.  Isolation of each body part, traveling and stage presence are also taught.  Dancers are rewarded for taking risks in their movement and we love to see them smile and come out of their shell. No experience necessary for Jazz I. Jazz II Pre-approval required.*

Comedy and Improv

Comedy and Improv

Applied Improv Lab with Colby

In this all-ages all-skill levels class, instructor Colby Loesch helps campers explore the real world applications of skills practiced in improv games. Campers will improve their communication, collaboration, and emotional control through games that incorporate each skill. Every class features different games and focuses on a different skill set. For this class, all you need is a good attitude and room to move around. 


Sketch Comedy In Action with Gabe and Anna

Improv is a fundamental part of acting, but actors are often intimidated by it, worried that without a script, they “won’t know what to say.” This summer, two trained and experienced improvisers will help you explore three different facets of improv: short-form, long-form, and how to turn improv into written work. We’ll look at how improv can  support your writing skills - all while having a ton of fun. You’re sure to come out of these classes with much more confidence, knowledge, and experience with sketch comedy writing!


Long Form Improv with Gabe and Anna

Improv is a fundamental part of acting, but actors are often intimidated by it, worried that without a script, they “won’t know what to say.” This summer, two trained and experienced improvisers will help you explore long-form. You’ll learn how to keep a scene going strongly and how to make seamless scene transitions. We’ll look at how improv can stand on its own as an art form to tell a full story. You’re sure to come out of these classes with much more confidence, knowledge, and experience with long form improv.


Finding Your Comedic Voice with Anna

Everyone has funny stories and interesting perspectives to share from their everyday life. In this workshop, we’ll simplify joke-writing and give you tools to find your unique comedic voice! Let’s turn some fun ideas into cohesive stand-up!


Film Classes

Film Classes

Tik Tik Tactics In 3 Parts with Jenna

Short Form Content is all the rage in 2020. What catches your eye and how can we use that to tell stories. There’s no pressure or big budgets to these videos, but they can reach millions of people if you want them to, or they can be just for you. Let’s brainstorm ideas for content and who knows, maybe you’ll end up on the officially CampYATC TikTok!


How To Find Your Filmmaking Style with Jenna

What makes Stephen Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock, The Cohen Brothers, Wes Anderson, and other directors so great? They’ve all developed their own filmmaking style and this class with teach you how to find yours. There are so many different ways to tell a story, let’s explore the ways that feel right to you.


Finding Your Voiceover Character with AJ

Cartoons are silly and fun and you could be one! In this class you will learn how to experiment with your voice and create a new, unique and wacky character! We will also learn vocal warm-ups, techniques for learning accents and exercises to bring these characters to life!


Decoding Camera Angels with Jenna

How do directors choose their shots? In this class you’ll learn what different camera angles mean and how to identify them for a better understanding of the movies and TV shows you love!  


Art Department

Art Department

Theatrical Design with Emma

When you go to a show, you’re transported to another world! How do they do it? A

combination of set, costume, and lighting design, along with so much more, creates

the world of the show that invites the audience in. We will look at how the elements of design influence each other and the show’s experience, and practice our own design with fairy tales!


Beginning Costume Design with Emma

We will learn about the basics of costume design and how costumes influence

characters choice and presentation. We’ll take different fairy tale characters and

sketch out rough ideas for costumes and discuss materials you could use to create a

whimsical costume that goes with the themes of the fairy tale they’re in.


FX Makeup with Frances

Bring your  Monologues, short stories, or character ideas, a few face charts, and colored pencils. This class does not require makeup, but you’re welcome to have some on hand and practice on yourself. In this class we will discuss how your character’s appearance can bring depth to the story you are telling. Learn how to elevate your artistry with a few simple tips and techniques!


Collage Creations with John, Frances, and Kristjana

With the help of the amazing designer, Kristjana S. Willams, we’ll help you design a stunning collage to decorate your room and help you remember your goals! It’s up to you, how you want it to look so bring magazine clippings of images that are important to you and any art supplies you want


Old Age Makeup with Emma

Learn how to transform yourself beyond your years. A handy tool for any actor or

makeup artist, you’ll learn the makeup techniques and practice aging yourself for

the stage. Please bring an eyeliner pencil and a stage makeup kit if you have one.


How to Master Drag Makeup with Frances

Calling all Kweens, Kings, & Non-Binary Super Beings! Before our ever so famous drag show begins, I invite you to get all dolled up with lil ol’ me at the very first YATC kiki! Step by step, I will walk you through my routine and divulge my tips and tricks to help you perfect your stunning, sickening look! You do not have to participate in the drag show to be a part of the class, although, I highly recommend it!


The Writer's Room

The Writer's Room

Writer's Circle with Colby

Everyone has something they’ve been working on right now, so why not share it? Prestigious writing workshops focus heavily on the importance of peer-review and feedback, and this is your chance to take advantage of the amazing community of creatives at YATC. Even if you don’t want feedback, come on down and read your writing to us-  judgement free guaranteed!


Original Works Projects with Sav

Do you enjoy being a part of the creation of a piece, not just the performance? Have you been dying to write down that idea in your head, but don’t know where to start? Bring your ideas and Sav will lead you through conversations and exercises to help jump start your creative process! They will share from their own experience creating and producing new work and and lead the group through a series of exercises to generate new material. Whether you are a seasoned writer or a first timer, this course will be friendly to all writing skill levels.


Scriptwriting 101 with Liz

Find out the screenwriting basics from this class, including the three act structure, general script structure, and how to deal with feedback/notes. We'll do some character development exercises and even look at some iconic scripts and dissect how to visualize the story you're trying to tell with concise words. Alongside that, students will get an opportunity to practice writing their own script!


Comedic Pilot Writing with Gabe

 Are you a TV addict? Have you ever been watching your favorite show and thought, “I wish I could do that”? Well, you certainly can! In this workshop, we’ll break down what a comedic pilot is, in terms of content, structure, characters, trajectory, and more. This workshop will equip you with the tools to go out and start developing your own ideas into pilot scripts - and ultimately, TV shows!


Create Your Own Work... Shop with Logan

Have you ever seen a role that seems like it was practically written just for a specific actor? Ever wondered why that actor isn’t you? Well this class is your opportunity to workshop your script, sketch, song, or just about any piece of work that you’ve created! This is an open forum, so bring your positivity, critical thinking, and original creations!


Monologue Challenge with Hannah

You will be given a line and you will be given 15 minutes to write a monologue that contains this particular line within the story. After the 15 minutes is up, we will share the monologues with each other!

What to bring: You will need paper, writing utensil, and a lot of creative energy!

Hosted by Hannah


Discussion Series to Change the World

Discussion Series

Theater For Social Change with Sav

We all know it well. Theatre can change the world. In this workshop we’ll be talking about everything from how casting can change the messages of the story, to how YOU can use a theatrical platform to educate, entertain and share important stories. We will study the ways theaters and artists around the world have broken the barriers between performance and audience to let the impact reach further than the closing of the curtain after Act II. We will discover and create outlines for ways you can actively use your work as a performer/creator to benefit causes you are passionate about, from writing, to casting, to education, outreach, and fundraising.


Feminism In Film and Theater with Liz

Let's take a look at feminism and social justice through the film and theatre lens! We'll talk about movies like Hidden Figures , The Devil Wears Prada, along with other films! In addition, we'll delve into theatrical productions of Wicked, Hairspray, Legally Blonde, and Little Women. We'll also talk about how important it is to have plays and screenplays written by women, for women, how times have changed , and where they are headed!


The Actor of Color with Amir

How to exist in the entertainment community as an actor of color. This will go into the individual identities of each actor and their cultural background and how to apply it to the jobs today and roles being offered to people of color. How to advocate for yourself as an artist of color(ex. When to say yes or no to certain roles, how to see one’s own cultural identity in roles originally written for non-color performers)What the future holds for artists of color. Lastly, a place for open dialogue for anyone who needs to air any grievances or pain with the events currently unfolding—an open floor for conversations about color, race, identity, gender identification, or artistic expression


The Artist's Responsibility with Amir

“What is the Artist’s responsibility to society?” This is a one time workshop that can attempt to bring discussion about how we as the next generation of actors can answer that very question.

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