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Enter to Win A Full Ride Tuition to YATC!

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Fundraise Your Way to CampYATC

We’re so happy that you found your way to our Fundraising Page!


Here we provide you with the tools to earn your own way to CampYATC by selling Raffle tickets to friends and family!


Our current raffle is taking place from now until December 15th, with the drawing to be held on December 16th, 2022 LIVE on Instagram!


The raffle tickets that you and your family will sell are only $10/each and there is no need to buy them in advance. You simply sell the raffle tickets to your friends and family and then turn in the monies collected. Your Camp Tuition account is credited for 50% of all the tickets you sell. (Ie: If you sell 250 tickets, you are credited $1250 towards your Camp Tuition.) The person who sells the MOST tickets will receive a FULL RIDE TUITION to the CampYATC camp of their choice. This fundraiser can be used for ANY of our Camps! (Summer, Winter, or Weekend Camps!)


The Fall/Winter Raffle is for a $1500 Holiday Shopping Spree provided by VISA Gift cards! $10 for a chance to WIN $1500!


For questions or to register to sell tickets, please email us at with RAFFLE FUNDRAISER in the subject. 

Scholarship Application

YATC is happy to offer Financial Aid based on family need. To apply, download the PDF, complete the application, and email the form to

Earn Your Way to Camp Program

Our Earn Your Way To Camp Program is a great option for anyone regardless of financial status. This program allowes students to take intialtive to raise the funds for thir tuition, while also helping us raise money for the general scholarship fund.  The details are in the PDF and you can email to get set up! 

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