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Enter to Win A Full Ride Tuition to YATC!

We’d love to reach out by phone to tell you more about our Camp. When is the best time to reach you, Monday - Friday?
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Fundraise Your Way to CampYATC

We’re so happy that you found your way to our Fundraising Page!


Here we provide you with the tools to earn your own way to CampYATC by selling Raffle tickets to friends and family!


The raffle tickets that you and your family will sell are only $10/each and there is no need to buy them in advance. You simply sell the raffle tickets to your friends and family and then turn in the monies collected. Your Camp Tuition account is credited for 50% of all the tickets you sell. (Ie: If you sell 250 tickets, you are credited $1250 towards your Camp Tuition.) The person who sells the MOST tickets will receive a FULL RIDE TUITION to the CampYATC camp of their choice. This fundraiser can be used for ANY of our Camps! (Summer, Winter, or Weekend Camps!)


The Fall Raffle is for a TRIP FOR TWO NEW YORK CITY! Airfare, Hotel, Broadway Shows and more, are all included! 


For questions or to register to sell tickets, please email us at with RAFFLE FUNDRAISER in the subject. 

Scholarship Application

YATC is happy to offer Financial Aid based on family need. To apply, download the PDF, complete the application, and email the form to

Earn Your Way to Camp Program

Our Earn Your Way To Camp Program is a great option for anyone regardless of financial status. This program allows students to take initiative to raise the funds for their tuition, while also helping us raise money for the general scholarship fund. 

For the details & PDF and you can email to get set up! 

The Billy Barnes Scholarship

The Billy Barnes Foundation was established with the mission of engaging in charitable and educational activities supporting and promoting the musical arts and music education through Mr. Barnes’ work, and celebrating the legacy of its namesake. The Foundation believes in building and educating an audience for future generations to be an important part of its mission and seeks to attract, educate and serve a young, diverse audience through music and theatre education. 


Therefore, The Billy Barnes Foundation will be providing

2 Full Ride Tuitions to 2 Deserving Campers

as the foundation believes that everyone deserves arts education and exposure to the craft.


The Young Actors' Theatre Camp will accept applications for The Billy Barnes Scholarship through February 15, 2024 and will choose a recipient shortly after all applications have been collected.


-Students must be between the ages of 8-18, during their time at camp this summer.

-Students must be able to attend one of the Summer Camp 2024 Sessions.

Session #1 July 7-16, Session #2 July 18-27, or Session #3 July 29-August 7

-This is a financial need based scholarship and we encourage all of you to apply. Don't be shy. You'll never know if you don't fill out the form. We appreciate that you would share your family's story with us and we aim to help as many students as possible.

-We are asking that the applicant's family be responsible to get their camper to and from the camp in Santa Cruz. However, if the family believes that this might pose a problem, we ask you to let us know on the application so that we may try to make additional arrangements for your camper's travel arrangements.

-If chosen for the scholarship, we will ask that you make a One Minute Acceptance video to be shown at a benefit at the Catalina Jazz Club on April 7, 2024.


The Young Actors' Theatre Camp is so grateful to The Billy Barnes' Foundation for providing our campers with this amazing opportunity. We cannot thank them enough and are confident that we will find the right two Scholarships Recipients for these awards in honor of Mr. Billy Barnes!


Billy Barnes was affectionately known as "The Revue Master of Hollywood." Born and raised in Los Angeles, he started playing piano at the age of three and his parents encouraged his interest in the entertainment business. As a child, Billy was a Meglin's Kitty where he learned to sing and dance as well as perform. Billy attended Dorsey High School in Los Angeles. While in high school he started writing musicals and revues. 


When he graduated from high school he spent two years in the Navy. When he was discharged from the service he enrolled in the music program at UCLA. There he he became an assertive composer and skillful pianist. He also met two people who became very important to him personally and professionally. 

Bob Rodgers became the person who wrote scripts and skits to Billy's music. Joyce Jamison became Billy's musical muse and eventually his first spouse. Billy's revues helped launch the careers of many, many stars: Ken Berry, Bert Convy, Joyce Jameson, Jackie Joseph, Ann Morgan Guilbert, Charles Nelson Reilly, JoAnne Worley, Eileen Barnett and many others. "The Billy Barnes Revue" was part of the 1959 Broadway season playing at both The Golden and Lyceum Theatres. 


Today "(Have I Stayed) Too Long at the Fair" and "Something Cool" - both written while Billy was in college at UCLA - are considered American standards and are considered apart of the Great American Songbook. His songs have been recorded by Barbra Streisand, Rosemary Clooney, Patti Page, Sue Rainey, Tierney Sutton and June Christie.


His compositions and contribution to the arts continues to make an impact on entertainment and music today and will for generations to come.

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