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A Typical Day at CampYATC

8:00 am Optional Morning Yoga Class

To start the day focused and ready!

9:00 am Breakfast

Get energized for an incredible day!

10:00am Film Class

Learning about camera angles and how to act for Film. Let's make a movie!

12:00 pm Activity Period

Capture the Dance Flag/ Disney Trivia/ Zombie Tag/ Pool Time!

1:00 pm Lunch

The Dining Hall has AMAZING food!!

2:00pm Improv Class

Learn FUN games and how to support your scene partner!

3:00pm Activity Period

Pool Time! / Optional Hip Hop Dance Class/ You’re So Awesome: Battle of Compliments/ Dungeons and Dragons!

4:00pm Musical Theatre Dance

Learn Choreography from our AMAZING teacher, Emmy!

6:00pm Themed Dinner

Costumes are encouraged! Dress to the theme and get ready for trivia, performances, and a top notch playlist!


7:00pm-9:00pm Activity Period

The Business of Show Business/ Movie Night/ One on One Session with a Staff Member of your choice to nail that dramatic monologue you've been working on!(Not required)

9:00pm Cabin Time

Cabin Bonding with the Counselor and Get Ready for Bed!

9:30pm Lights Out!

Prepare for another AMAZING day at camp!

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