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Registration Add-Ons 

As you Register on CampDoc, you'll see a list of add-on items that families can include to enhance their camper's experience if they wish to do so. Learn more about what those entail and read through our FAQ about them! 


We provide a professional headshot photographer from LA to capture your student’s essence! These can be used for professional auditions as well as a new photo to send of your ever-changing kid! What Students Need to Bring: Clothes with NO logos or patterns, no plaids or stripes, nothing “too busy”. Think of solid colors that bring out your eyes and natural makeup looks. You need to look like you!

View our Photographer, John Cole's work HERE

Counselor Tip

The Counselor Tip amounts are up to you and range from $10-$20 per day. The counselor will be with your student 24/7 in every class, activity, meal time and of course for the entire night. They will be able to make sure your student is getting one-on-one coaching sessions if they want them, drink water, wear sunscreen, and get anything your student needs out of our program. The counselors also make sure that each of their campers are eating healthy meals, and check in with picky eaters during meal times. If a student forgets anything, like a pillow, toothbrush, etc, chances are we have it, and their counselor can help them get that. Our counselors work so hard with our campers to ensure that their camp experience is the best of their lives!

Medication fee

Our insurance requires us to charge a holding and distribution fee for all medications, vitamins, and over-the-counter medications that students bring to camp to be stored in our nurse’s station for the duration of camp. We do not allow students to keep meds on them and self-administer. We appreciate your support of our policies! 

Care Packages

We offer a variety of Care Packages that vary in size. Each care package comes with an assortment of Activities, Games, Snacks not available in the camp store, Merch and MORE! Care Packages are delivered on Days 3 & 4 of camp. It’s a perfect way to send your camper some love! All proceeds benefit the YATC Scholarship Fund!

Contents vary by availability and snacks are nut allergy-safe.  


Guest Star $37: A collection of fun actities and

Super Star $57: 

Diva $77: Includes a YATC shirt from any of our previous years and some additional self-care items!

Grandparents $97: Includes all goodies from the above packages as well as the 2024 T-shirt and bigger bonus items! 

Camp Store CRedit

Many parents tend to leave $50-$200 for the Camp Store Credit and anything that isn’t used is refunded back to you. Our Camp Store has T-Shirts, sweatshirts, onesie pajamas, hats, flashlights, and other Merch. For snacks we have a pretty big selection of healthy food like trail mix, popcorn, seaweed, dried fruit, and granola bars, as well as chips, ice cream, popsicles and sweets. Due to several severe nut allergies, we do not offer items containing nuts. 

Airport Shuttle

YATC Offers an Airport Shuttle to and from the San Jose Airport (SJC) only, for our out-of-town students. Flights should arrive on DAY ONE Between 10AM and 12PM and depart on the LAST DAY After 4PM. The fee includes a roundtrip spot on the shuttle. Call (925)858-3548 to reservations

Covid Testing Fee

We take the health and safety of all of our students and staff very seriously. As an overnight program we have to take into account several factors to ensure we are responsibly operating out program.

As stated in the Covid Policy you sign during registration, we will test all students and staff during our check-in process. Guardians are expected to stay for the duration of the test and are allowed to depart only after their student has been cleared. 

T-Shirts/ Sweatshirts/ Other Merch

Each year we have a fabulous new design in the softest t-shirts and sweatshirts available. We promise you will want to LIVE in these! Pre-ordered merch will be available at the camp store for pickup or to purchase at camp. 

We also have:



& Postcards

available as well! 

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