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What is a “Type” and How Do I Find Mine?

There is much debate and controversy surrounding the idea of types and the necessity of knowing your type is not something young actors always get to learn early on. Many drama classes reinforce the idea that theater is a magical world where anyone can play anything. Type-Casting is often met with some understandable resistance and frustration. It is thought in theatre that you can play any role, and the idea of only being able to play certain roles based on your look is contradictory. In an ideal world, anyone COULD play anything, but the professional world does not often work that way. Part of creating the world of the story, relies on things "making sense." A common criticism of NBC's hit show, "This Is Us", is that Mandy Moore is not convincing as a 60+ year old woman. Is it the makeup artist's fault? Is Mandy Moore's acting not strong enough? Possibly, but the main thing is we know and love her as her younger self and it breaks the world of the show and brings the viewers back to reality.

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