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1) Purchase and Download the Sheet Music and Track for this week’s song, “Maybe It's Time” Written by Shawn Ryan and Michael Sobie
2) Learn the piece, make some bold choices, color that song up the way you see fit!
3) Make a video of your self singing along with the track with ONE SECTION of the SONG (sections are below) and then submit it to via text to (925)858-3548 or you can email it to us at . The video will all be put on IG starting Sunday at noon for IG voting! 
4) Use this verbiage (or something similar) for your post : “ I hope you all like this new song from @hellonearthmusical “Maybe It's Time” . It’s available at and each 
Tuesday, they are releasing another brand new song! Check it out . Voting starts every Sunday at Noon and goes for 24 hours @campyatc and @hellonearthmusical Wish my luck and
enjoy my cover of “Maybe It's Time”
5) Then just wait for the VOTING to begin on Sundays at Noon for 24 hours on our @CampYATC IG Story and our @HellonEarthMusical IG Story. 50% of the votes are from the audience and 50% are from our panel of judges!

Sections are as follows:::

measures 1-37

measures 38-76

measures 77-114

measures 115-147

measures 148-180

Rules: You must use a track when performing! You can be between the ages of 8 - 100+ (Yup, adults can enter too!) But make sure you have your parents permission as there is some PG-13 language in this material.
Entries must be received no later than 11am(PST) on Sunday, March 29th. The Contest will repeat each week for the next 5 weeks! EVERYONE should enter - Cast members from the original productions, kids, adults, campers, non-campers, dogs. EVERY ONE!

And it’s as simple as that! A very amazing way to share the music of our composers, learn a new song for your book, and share your craft with the world!

BREAK LEGS everyone!!!!

Maybe It's Time

  • Here is the YouTube Link: (It will be LIVE at 8pm Tonight)               



    The immensely talented cast of "Hell on Earth: A New Musical (About Middle School) sings "Maybe It's Time". Perfectly timed for what we are going through, this song hopes to inspire and cheer up all the AMAZING performers, artists, and audience out there! We can do this everyone! It's Time! We here at The Young Actors' Theatre Camp, send you all of love and healing energies during this time. 


    To continue to learn and grow as performers, we'd love to invite you to COVER a section of this SONG and send it in to our Instagram @CampYATC

    You can download it here:

    Sheet Music and Track Available for Download at 
    (Please download directly from our site to be granted the license to sing the song in an audition setting. By downloading the music, you are granted the performance license.)
    Music by Michael Sobie
    Book and Lyrics by Shawn Ryan
    Filmed & Edited by FAMOUS IN NY -
    Shot LIVE at 54 Below in NYC

    SINGING CONTEST from Tuesday, 3/24/20 thru Sunday 3/29/20 at 11am (PST)
    Follow us @CampYATC and @HellonEarthMusical

    In Honor of our latest smash hit “Hell on Earth: A New Musical (About Middle School)” we are releasing a new
    song each week that you can download, learn and sing for your next audition. We are so happy that you all are
    going crazy for these songs and we can’t wait to share them with you all! 
    We’ve set the songs in three different keys and even provided tracks, so that you can practice before the big audition!

    We’re also announcing a VERY SPECIAL contest with each release! 

    And the Prize this week is a $500 Certificate to be used for ANY YATC Program - Yup, $500 DOLLARS!!!!!!!!


    AND EVEN BIGGER!!!! Every time you ENTER a YATC Contest, your name gets put into a DRAWING for a FULL RIDE TUITION to ANY OF OUR CAMPS! (a $2500 Value) So, just by entering, you are getting a chance to come to the coolest camp on Earth!

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