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Choose your pricing plan

  • Debut Level

    Perfect for an Introdution to CampYATC For NEW STUDENTS!
    Valid for one month
    • A Free Goal Setting Coaching Session
  • Emmy Award Level

    Every month
    Take your Guest Star skills to the Series Regular Level!
    • Access to Different Sides from REAL TV Shows.
    • Self-Tape Assessment
  • Grammy Award Level

    Every month
    Access to Sheet Music, Tracks, asnd Song Suggestions
    • YATC's Library of Sheet Music and Tracks
    • 1 Vocal Coaching Per Month
  • Oscar Award Level

    Every month
    From Background to Lead: Acting on Film Essentials
    • 1 Monologue Coaching per month
    • Monologue Selection Help
    • Acting Tips
  • Tony Award Level

    Every month
    Perfect for the next Greatest Broadway Star!
    • 32 Bar Song Coaching
    • 1 Page Practice Audition Sides
    • Dance Warm Ups and Moves
  • EGOT Status Level

    Every month
    Best Training of the next Most Sought After Performer
    • Vocal Coaching
    • Acting Coaching
    • Actor's Toolbelt Guide
    • Resume Coaching
    • Acting Reel Help
  • Play Reading Club

    Every month
    Monthly Play Readings with Friends
    • PDFs of Our Favorite Plays and Yours!
  • Accountability Pros

    Every month
    Let us help keep you on track with your goals!
    Valid for 6 months
    • A Monthly One-On-One Session to check in
    • Figure out next steps for achieveing your goals
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