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Additional Workshops and Activities

YATC Jeopardy with Colby

Test your trivia know-how in this heated competition. Colby has put together the ultimate set of Jeopardy clues for campers to try their luck against. If you think you’re tough enough to make it through this battle of wits, then come enjoy a fun game of camp-themed Jeopardy. 

Calming Coloring with Stephanie

Come color with us as we listen to calming tunes and focus on relaxing. You can find your own coloring pages in person, online, or choose from any assortment of YATC coloring pages for you to print out. This activity is a meditative experience to break up the hustle and bustle of our busy days and add some fun! For this activity you need crayons, colored pencils, or markers as well as paper to draw or color. 

Super Scavengerhunt with Frances and John

Who knows what you will be asked to find in this crazy, spectacular scavenger hunt! No clues just yet. But keep your eyes peeled...okay, maybe that was a clue.

Self Care Workshop with Frances and Liz

As artists, self-care is one of the most important things we can do to nurture our creativity and lead a happier life. Especially in the past couple of months and the recent social climate, it's more important than ever before. Come get new ideas for self-care and share what you've been doing! Self-care pros or novices, all are welcome at this workshop!

Dance History with Emmy

An hour long lesson to learn about the history of dance and some of the great dancers of all time. Students will review clips of dance films through the ages, while studying and thinking critically about movement, performance quality, and individualistic expression.

Dungeons and Dragons with Colby and Stephanie

Come one come all for a fantastic journey through our imaginations! Dungeon Masters Colby and Stephanie are hosting games of Dungeons and Dragons for campers of any skill level. We will be teaching new players how the game works, and helping everyone make interesting characters to explore and battle with! If you want to try your hand at tabletop roleplaying games, this activity is a great introduction, and you only need pen and paper to have a great time with us. 

Hosted by Colby

Shakespeare Monologues with Emma

Have you ever wanted to perform a Shakespeare monologue, but when you looked

at it you couldn’t decipher the language? This class will help you learn to go line by line to understand Shakespeare’s language. We will give you a Shakespeare

monologue to practice deconstructing to fully understand the meaning and add

more nuances to your performance.

Murder Mystery With Liz

What happens when everyone suddenly becomes a murder suspect in the middle of the activity? Well, you have to figure out who the real murderer is, of course! As the night draws on, you're tasked with interrogating suspects, gathering clues, and working on solving the mystery before the night is over and the culprit gets away! Is it the gardener? Is it the cook? Or the chauffeur? In addition, everyone playing will be given a character they have to embody and the game starts once the clock hits the hour of the call!

Telling Each Other's Story with Caitlyn

After joining in one big zoom, we will go into break out rooms in
teams of two and one will tell the story of a time they faced
adversity while the other simply listens. Then we’ll switch and listen
while the other tells their story. After this, we will all return to the
main zoom room and tell the other person's story as if it was your
own. This exercise is meant to make the actor comfortable enough to put
their story into the voice of another person and for the actor to tell
a story so they can better embody a character.

Poetry Slam! with Hannah

Do you have poems that you would like to share? Do you like writing poetry and wish to share? Or want to hear your fellow artists’ work? Come to hear your fellow artists share stories through poetry!

Jewelry Making with Delaney

Take those jewelry kits from your WOW Boxes and let’s craft! You deserve something as unique and special as you are!

Broadway-Themed Escape Room with Gabe and Anna

Anybody Have a Map? We’re in The Big Apple, where we only have One Short Day to find Abby Mueller for the opening night of SIX! Abby’s being held hostage by her EVIL understudy Rose, and if we’re not quick, Maybe This Time her plan will work. We don’t know where Abby is, it could be In Her Own Little Corner of the city or On The Steps of the Palace! Abby is Helpless without us! BUT look! There, Right There! Rose has Left Behind breadcrumbs to see if we can Move On. There are puzzles, clues, locks, and a Ring of Keys to guide you. Let’s go on an adventure so we can get Abby in costume Before the Parade Passes By! OR ELSE, it’s...Rose’s Turn.

Cooking Extravaganza with Liz

Whether you are already an experienced cook or just a beginner, this class is suitable for all levels! Get out from behind the computer and cook a delicious meal with your friends. All these dishes can be modified to be vegetarian/vegan/allergen-free and, chances are, you already have all the ingredients in your pantry! All you have to have prepared is your

apron, chef hat, and a willingness to experiment. Remember: "anyone can cook... but only the fearless can become great!"

Some things we'll prepare include: paninis, Mediterranean style dips, mug cakes,

Hawaiian shaved ice, lemonade variations, and unconventional iced teas. Recipes will be sent the day before so all attending will have time to get the ingredients/tools prepared by the time class starts.

LGBTQIA+ Hangout with Sav and Friends

Hi LGBTQIA+ Friends and Allies! This hangout is to connect with each other and talk about acceptance in a safe space. Everyone is welcome to join, and you won’t want to miss the special guests!

YATC Drag Race with Nina West, Logan, Christian, Frances, and Sav

Start your engines! YATC’s Drag Race is back and more virtual than ever. Get in makeup with your friends and mentors while we talk about the history of Drag itself, featuring a few familiar faces and trivia from your favorite drag queens!

Campers can use truly anything to construct their looks, be it sharpie, makeup, cardboard, or whatever else you can find and want to incorporate!

Hot Garbage Runway with Stephanie

Campers will have 20 minutes to complete a runway worthy look made entirely from things lying around the house. Paper bag suit complete with golf club cane and aluminum foil rings, perfect! After the 20 minutes is up we will host a hot garbage runway where everyone can show off their creations. You’ll need imagination, style, and various household items.

Stargazing with Liz

Love space and stars? Join us for some stargazing in the evening. Show off your

knowledge of constellations, stars, and various planets. Learn more about the expanse beyond Planet Earth, how Ancient Egypt is related to the stars, and discuss the existence or the non-existence of aliens. This activity is sure to leave you  starstruck!

Hot Cocoa and Dream Roles with Caitlyn

Grab your Cocoa Packet from your WOW Box and  let’s talk about what roles we
envision ourselves playing someday in either pre-existing productions
or in the ones we imagine for ourselves!

You're So Awesome! with Valerie

You’re So Awesome is a battle to end all battles. Get ready, because we are dishing out the BEST and MOST CREATIVE compliments! Come up with your best compliments for someone at camp or someone in your life, and let’s see who will be crowned, the AWESOMEST

Game Night With Matt and Delaney

Come hang out with Matt and Delaney to play some games and have a blast. We’re just here to decompress, get to know each other, make some fun memories!

Reading Circle with Kit

It’s time for a story, so let grandma Kit lead you into fantastical worlds of myths and legends. Camp can be super high energy so we know that sometimes a good story is just what you need to settle down and relax. From the Tales of Beedle Bard, folklore from a diverse selection of cultures, and short magical stories, let your imagination and your love of literature grow! 

Rock Pals with Stephanie

Grab a rock and make a friend! Let’s see who can make the silliest, most realistic, and most decorated rock pal! You can use anything you find in or around your house!

Historical Hike with Logan! 


Tonight’s about history. The facts of where, and the what of why and when. And how! A host of guest stars from YATC’s present and past will come together to teach you an interactive history lesson. About what? Find out live at the historical hike!

Haunted Hike with Liz

You know it. You love it. But this time it's completely different. This won't be your

average, sit-around-the-campfire, spooky stories kind of night! Be prepared to feel like you're right there... back on the trail in the mountains, as darkness sets in around you and you find yourself completely isolated. Lights off, no flashlights, headphones required, and join us... if you dare.

Weekly Playreading with Logan

Book clubs are out of style! Plays are all the rage. Read a play with your friends, talk about the play, and move on to another! Hate the play? Awesome, tell us why! Love the play? Even better! Why do you think the play worked, and what were the strongest/weakest elements? If you’ve got opinions and a passion for acting, this is the place to be.

How To Podcast with AJ and Liz

If you've ever wanted to start a podcast but weren't sure where to begin, this is the class for you! We'll help you brainstorm your podcast topic, go over what basic equipment you need, how to get your podcast up on Spotify and other platforms, and especially how to have fun with it! In addition, we'll share how to edit the material and add music/effects. We'll also take any questions you might have!

Story Time! with Stephanie

After a long day filled with learning and laughter campers may choose to settle down that night with stories read to them by Gram-Gram Stephanie. We’ll have a variety of stories to select from. All you need for this activity is yourself, a good attitude, and a willingness to let Gram-Gram into your heart.

Unlocking Your Creativity Through Meditation with Hannah

Tune into this evening meditation to center yourself and get ready for the next day full of creativity!

What to bring: You will need a place to sit or lay down on the ground and a journal

Hosted By Hannah

Evening Stretch with Hannah

Get ready to stretch it out after a day full of YATC magic!

What to bring: You will need yourself, loose fitted clothing that you can move well In a space you can move around in.

Film Discussions with Liz

If you've ever watched a movie, fallen in love with it, and wanted to talk about it for days on end, this is the space for you! What were you thinking when you finished watching the film? What comment was the director trying to make about society? These are just some of the questions you might see at the film discussion. Come talk, share your all time favorite movies, and discuss what movies YOU would want to make! Who knows, you might even come out with a mile long 'To Watch' list, after this!

College Talk with Caitlyn and Matt

 Kids who are considering pursuing theater in college in any capacity will be able to learn from this workshop and ask questions about College Auditions for Musical Theater or other theater departments.

Character Creation with Kit

From saving the world to unleashing havoc upon it, everyone has a story behind how they became who they are, including your character! Backstories, whether they’re featured in the production or not, are essential in order to fully bring a character to life and to understand each action they take. Join the amazing Kit in Character Development to learn and practice the skills to dive deeper into your roles, enriching your performances and establishing a better connection between you and the characters you play. 

Disney Trivia with Delaney

Are you a Disney SUPER FAN? Come test your knowledge and see if you’ve got what it takes.

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